Intensive Crash Driving Courses Portsmouth

14 Months or One Week to Pass ? - You Choose!

Traditionally most people took driving lessons weekly and took about a year or so to pass. But times have changed and you need to pass faster than that.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) say that most people need about 45 hours to pass a driving test. Most peole take a one hour lesson per week, take off Christmas and Holidays etc, and you can see why most peoples lessons drag on for months on end!

We offer you a WAY OUT of this with a fantastic range of Intensive Crash Driving Courses in Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport and most PO postcodes with fully qualified driving instructors in your area, and with a test at the end of your course!

So don't panic, we can help!

You Need to Pass Fast!

The world has changed over the past few years and the vast majority of employers need you to have a driving licence before you even apply for a job, so being able to drive helps you get a job.

Employers in Portsmouth need people who can drivie and not having a driving licence excludes you from many jobs. The jobs you cannot get are the better paid jobs, so invest in your future and learn to drive in Portsmouth with Bumpers!

What We Do !

What we do is make your life easier, improve your social life, job prospects and just make life a whole lot easier!

We offer crash driving courses that start from an 8 Hour course for those that may have just failed a test, right up to our 48 Hour total novice course or even our ever popular "Test in a Week" course.

Most of our courses run for 4 hours per day with a test at the end, however our "Test in a Week" course is about 5.5 hours a day. 

You can choose how long your lessons are and how often you take them !!

We now offer the option to do between 1 and 6 hours per day. You can do this every day, every other day, around your work and childcare needs or really whenever you need to drive. It's totally up to you! Just select the options when you book online or speak to Chloe in our office.

All courses have a test at the end and this is included in your price.

Free Assesment Lesson!

Most people will have done some driving before, maybe with mum or dad or you may have had a couple of lessons some time ago.

To get a true picture of your skill level all courses include an "assesment lesson" for FREE! - This normally costs £50, but we have included this in the course fees.

Just book your course and we will get the instructor to call and arrange an assesment before your main course starts. This means you have the chance to shorten or lengthen the course if need be. By doing this you increase your chance of a first time pass!

We Can Get You an Earlier Driving Test! - Guaranteed!

We are totally honest with you at all times, the normal test wait time is 6-8 weeks for a driving test if you book it yourself using the consumer system provided by the government. We GUARANTEE to get you an earlier test, if we don't we will pay for the test ourselves!

We can virtually guarantee you a test within a week as our advanced system checks the DVSA database EVERY 10 Minutes to capture those elusive test cancellations! This means you don't have to wait 3 moths for a test, just a few days!!

We can get you a driving test on the last day in the area you trained in so you have the best chance of passing!

We have never failed to get a test in the last 10 years, so we are confident in what we can do.

If we can't get you a test at the end of the course?

We must say this has never happened, but if we cannot get you a practical test for last day of your course then we will offer you the first available slot, which would typically be early the following week. However it falls, you won't be waiting weeks and weeks. Your driving instructor will save a few hours back in order for you to finish up early in the second week. 95% of our courses are done by early the following week if not on the Friday.

What people say!

It's Better with Bumpers !!

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